Dark Eyes Album Cover

Ashrr – Dark Eyes

Ashrr closes out 2020 with the glimmering release of their new single, “Dark Eyes.”

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In an instant of thoughtful passion, “Dark Eyes” takes us to a place few bands will allow us to breathe freely and fully feel the expression of the moment.

The new Ashrr song gives us a further idea into what the band will have in store in 2021 as they continue work on their follow up full length to Oscillator.

Vocalist Steven Davis comments of the song’s lyrical meaning, “In relationships we come to one another, just as we are, with a past and all our imperfections. And though we may have felt the glare of dark eyes upon us, in regret or guilt; those who love us embrace the fullness of who we are, our past, and all that shaped us, bringing us to this moment, in our beautiful, flawed humanity.”

A beautiful punctuation to close out 2020.

Ashrr on Selective Memory

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