Can't Force the Love Album Cover from Siamese

Siamese—Can’t Force the Love

Siamese drops new single and video, “Can’t Force The Love” Links: Instagram | Facebook The second of three videos for Denmark’s Siamese, the new material packs a punch with a heavy dose of humanistic sincerity. Using the same abandoned military base as Netflix’s The Rain, it helped solidify the emotion … Read More ›

Kernel Existence

Kernel Existence—Kripascular

Kernel Existence Kripascular Konsequent Records Links: Kernel Existence Facebook | Konsequence Records Tobias Draeger nests within the chaos of cables, chords, and machinery that help define his electronic persona. It is a direct correlation to the work that encapsulates Kripascular, Kernel Existence’s sophomore release. The album is a technical masterpiece … Read More ›

Cevin Key

Cevin Key – Night Flower

“Night Flower” is released in advance of Cevin Key’s upcoming fifth solo album, Xwayxway Links: Preorder the album The Skinny Puppy founder guides us into 2021 with the hauntingly mesmerizing single, “Night Flower.” Key will release his fifth solo album via Artoffact Records on February 19. The song features Edward … Read More ›

Dark Eyes Album Cover

Ashrr – Dark Eyes

Ashrr closes out 2020 with the glimmering release of their new single, “Dark Eyes.” Link: Official Site In an instant of thoughtful passion, “Dark Eyes” takes us to a place few bands will allow us to breathe freely and fully feel the expression of the moment. The new Ashrr song … Read More ›


Starcrawler – I Need To Know

Starcrawler gives the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song a revitalized edginess. Link: Starcrawler Starcrawler has teamed up with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’s guitarist Mike Campbell to release a cover of “I Need To Know” for the seventieth birthday anniversary of Tom Petty that live-streamed in October. The band … Read More ›

Transcendent Waves Book Cover

Transcendent Waves, by Lavender Suarez

Lavender Suarez beautifully details the ideas behind how sound affects the world we live in. Transcendent Waves Lavender Suarez Anthology Editions Links: Lavender Suarez | Order Online I was recently asked how music influences the work that I do. I could not answer that question because, on the surface, the … Read More ›



Rewind is as much a multi-dimensional art statement as it is a concert documentary Link: Official Site | Beatport Did you catch the one-time screening of Pastikman’s film Rewind? It was available on Beatport’s Twitch Channel, December 4, appropriately aired at the witching hour. Ritchie Hawtin expresses the mystique of … Read More ›

Blue Oyster Cult Live '83 Album Cover

Blue Öyster Cult—Live ‘83

For the first time, Real Gone Music Resurrects Blue Öyster Cult’s Limelight Bootleg Blue Öyster Cult Live ‘83 Real Gone Music Link: Real Gone Music Before The Revölution at Night album was released in 1983, Blue Öyster Cult marked a major transition for the band away from their classic sound … Read More ›