Album cover for Nemesis and Nativity

The Infinity Ring — Nemises and Nativity (Profound Lore Records)

The Infinity Ring
Nemesis and Nativity
Profound Lore Records

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Album cover for Nemesis and Nativity

An album that creeps up on you, The Infinity Ring’s debut becomes demonstrative to the dark arts that blur experimental nighttime folk with gothic undertones and sonic depth into complicated layers constructed by a wide range of influences and artistic mediums.

I cannot think of a better place than Salem, Massachusetts, to record an album of this capacity. With the spirituality of Leonard Cohen and the sorrows of a Catholic funeral, a song like “Temptress” builds from the shadows and emits waves of sonic rock with just enough rage to keep you wanting more. But it’s the creative artistic merit that this band will leave you with. It’s epistemological compositions that utilize the daunting demeanor of natural law and mythology with the fragility of existence to pull in a master work of awe-inspiring musicianship. I love how they have wrapped everything together into mysteries artistic odes.

Atmosphere is an understatement to where this album will take you, be it finding comfort or fear or both within the same breath. An album not meant for casual listening, you will thank its intentional attitude to create something meant to be experienced.

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