Zennui turns metal into zen

Zennui Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family Independent Link: Facebook What impresses me most about Zennui is that they have successfully abridged an album that should be two- maybe three-albums worth of material and crafted an EP with a huge sense of purpose. Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart … Read More ›

Lust for the End Album Cover by Lonescar

Lonescar—Lust for the End

Lonescar Lust for the End Self-Released Links: Bandcamp | Facebook There is little geographic competition in the States that matches the heat that burns down on you like Texas. If anyone has driven across the Panhandle in the summertime, or anytime, really, they can relate to that unrelenting burn that … Read More ›

Conceive Album Cover from Hypervolume

Hypervolume – Conceive

This Chicago duo makes an impressive intro into the metal arena Hypervolume Conceive Self Released Links: Official Site There are times when it takes four people to build up the flex to create a soulcrusher of an album, and then there is Chicago’s Hypervolume. Two guys. A. Human and Fabian … Read More ›

Hellas Chasma Album Cover

PALACES—Hellas Chasma

After six years, PALACES return with Hellas Chasma PALACES Hellas Chasma Independent Links: Facebook | Bandcamp When PALACES released Tarnish back in 2012, it propelled the band and their noise metal grit that reminded me distinctly of Texas’s Brutal Juice. The vocals were manic and the vibrancy of Tarnish gave … Read More ›