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All Hail The Yeti: Rising like the Phoenix

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All Hail The Yeti returns in 2020 refreshed and anew, ready to show the world a new musical perspective and the hopes of a rescheduled fall tour

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Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. That is how Connor Garritty describes his band. To be the lead vocalist of a band that acts like a steam train, there is a lot of pressure that has come down on Garritty to move All Hail The Yeti forward beyond the demons that have made efforts for self destruction. But those obstacles have helped strengthen their perseverance. In the previous years, All Hail The Yeti has taken a personal and personnel toll, and fans were not sure we would see anything past 2018’s Highway Crosses.

However, Connor expresses how revived and refreshed he feels towards the band’s future. “We are excited. It’s kind of like a new beginning for us. Everyone is really positive.”

The band was preparing to head out this spring for the Beast Coast Monsters USA tour with Life of Agony and Doyle. Yet, like most other shows during this time, the tour has postponed until the fall, uncertain if a stop to Indianapolis will happen. This is where they were going to road test new songs off of an upcoming EP, potentially due out in May 2020. The Beast Coast Monsters tour will be the first tour with new guitarist Dave Vanderlinde. When Alan Stokes left the band, they re-enlisted their original guitarist. Although a logical choice for the band, something happened.

“He was in a place where we thought he could make it happen. The kids are kind of grown up and we were financially in a place where we started rehearsing with him. We had a tour booked that fall, and we had some time to get him ready. I don’t know what happened. We had rehearsal one night, and he skipped town and went back to Boston. He told us he could not do it.”

Past the point of cancelling the tour, they quickly shuffled to hold auditions. Until they could get a new guitarist, they enlisted a friend to step in. As auditions were taking place, Dave was the one who answered the post.

“We knew him from around town. When he came in and jammed with us, we thought, holy shit this guy is awesome. He understands the type of music we like to play. He brings with him an immeasurable amount of talent to the band. He’s a Berkeley alumni, he’s hungry, and he wants to put in the work.”

The band had to wait until after the tour to bring him back in. And after the dust settled and Dave became a permanent fixture, Connor felt a revived spirit. “When Alan left, I was worried that it was going to be the end of the band. I was not ready to give up so we gave it another shot and Dave gave us a new lease on life.”

For Conner that was just one piece of the puzzle. Personally, he had some changes to make. With Los Angeles known for its party culture, the past 20 years for Connor was immersed in that scene where drinking and partying was a big part of the equation. It eventually took its toll on his mental state.

“You grow up with this preconceived idea that it’s about partying, and it’s all about getting fucked up. I can’t even think of how many shows I have been to, and I don’t even remember watching it.”

Mixing booze with four different mentalities in close quarters, it was like a time bomb getting ready to explode. Although Connor would not change the past for it has made him who he is, he is a better person now for it. “I had to go through it in order to be who I am now as a better musician and songwriter.”

Now the band focuses more on the music and life on the road. Instead of spending the day in the bus drinking, they go out, experience culture, and live life to the fullest.

As much as Connor fell into the trappings of Los Angeles’s counterculture, it is a city he is furthest to be influenced by.

“I grew up in Canada and have been living in Los Angeles for twenty years. Being in the L.A. scene made me realize that I don’t want to be like those types of bands. Maybe that was how L.A. influenced us.”

When Garritty is not on the road with All Hail The Yeti, he is manning his tattoo shop. It is a great duality to his creative world that offers ying-yang approach and complement each other.

“Being a tattoo artist has allowed me the opportunities to be able to do what I do. Tattooing has allowed me to do the band. Right around the time I get tired of working and tattooing, I go on tour. And right when I get tired of being on the road, it’s time to go back and work again. They both inspire me to work harder.”

Despite the times, the band has an optimistic perspective on music and life. Garritty has open his eyes about everything the band is doing and looks forward to eventually celebrating with fans while showing off new songs.

“We are happy with everything. There is always passion behind every record. Mentally we are in a different place as people and as men. We are making the music we want to make and impressing on people that we are here to stay and have something to show.”

Keep an eye on their social media pages for updates on their rescheduled fall tour and new music.

All Hail The Yeti—Highway Crosses

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