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Lonescar—Lust for the End

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Lust for the End

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There is little geographic competition in the States that matches the heat that burns down on you like Texas. If anyone has driven across the Panhandle in the summertime, or anytime, really, they can relate to that unrelenting burn that sucks the life out of you. For a band like Lonescar, they harness the death heat into their aggression and burn metal fire. And if that is not enough, the band tightly packs as much as possible in each song without losing direction.

“Gluttonous to the Core” sounds the metal alarm by canonfire. Once off and running, the blend of metal and hyper-hardcore through proto production turns anger and fury into electrified musical onslaughts.

What makes this album enticing is that they don’t need to push the throttle to the limits. Weight is equally important and “Undead Assembly” is a meaty mix of Brian Valdibia’s crushing vocals and Mike Gonzalez’s guitar riffs. It all ends in an old school thrash pow wow.

What amplifies all of these attributes into one song is “Revolution Now.” Bringing a fresh approach to traditional pit standards Lonescar proves the level of power and angst into their release. It does not make the other songs of lesser value, but the song does validate the group’s importance.

As expressive and motivated as the present paints, Lust for the End gives us stark history through a song about Mauthausen. It’s a reminder that if in the wrong hands, revolution can come at a cost.

Lust For The End is more of a catalyst than an omen. Their songs are as much a reaction as they are an escape. Commitment on the listener only makes the songs stronger. Being from Texas only gives these songs a Nitzchean quality that is not for the weak.

Lonescar—Gluttonous To The Core


1. Gluttonous to the Core
2. Undead Assembly
3. Means to an End
4. Life Is Suffering
5. Revolution Now
6. Self-Led
7. With Your Martyr Self
8. For Envy’s Sake
9. Images from Mauthhausen
10. All Is Vanity
11. Lust for Her End

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