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Sun Crow-Quest For Oblivion (Music Review)

Sun Crow, Ripple Music, Selective Memory

Sun Crow
Quest For Oblivion
Ripple Music

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Every once in a while, I will discover an Instagram reel where I am shook by the sheer magnitude of a musician dominating a musical skill. This is what it feels like when Ben Nechanicky slays at shredding out savage doom riffs. This is how Quest For Oblivion begins.

Just Nechanicky and electricity funnel into monster metal on “Collapse.” Keith Hastreiter finally comes in and lays down each crushing blow all recorded in vivid clarity. If you are a doom metal fan, you do not want to pass up Sun Crow’s debut. Quest For Oblivion will satisfy every blood thirsty sludge tempo fiend.

And you thought this epic seven minute stoner croon a la Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’” level of high was a beast, “Black It Out” is an eight on the Richter Scale. A little slower, a little more impacting, each goddamn note is like a massive force hitting you. The song is obviously built for a live experience. Yet, even in your own room you can be immersed in their sonic voodoo.

And if that was not enough, try “End Over End.” If “Black It Out” was not sludgy enough, hold their beer. “End Over End” slows down the tempo even more. A cross between Sabbath and Type O, your mind is being invaded by the mass volume of a band who knows how to capitalize on sound. If only they could dissipate their Ozzy worship a little. The ritual is a little too close to ‘70s acid rock just with a lot better production. Nonetheless, it has not stopped doom heads from drooling on themselves. Quest For Oblivion is a heavy hitter, giving us reason to rejoice in Sun Crow’s heavy splendor.


1. Collapse
2. Black It Out
3. End Over End
4. Fear
5. Fell Across The Sky
6. Nothing Behind
7. Hypersonic
8. Titans

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