Quest For Oblivion Album Cover from Sun Crow

Sun Crow-Quest For Oblivion (Music Review)

Sun Crow Quest For Oblivion Ripple Music Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Ripple Music Every once in a while, I will discover an Instagram reel where I am shook by the sheer magnitude of a musician dominating a musical skill. This is what it feels like when Ben Nechanicky slays … Read More ›

Insect Ark

Insect Ark’s Vanishing Point

Dana Schechter of Insect Ark talks about what went into making an album like The Vanishing and what this experience meant to the band Links: Official Site | Selective Memory’s Review of The Vanishing It’s the build up. It’s that unnerving feeling of uncertainty or excitement that is synced up … Read More ›

Violet Hour by Aluna

Alunah – Violet Hour (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Alunah Violet Hour Heavy Psych Sounds Links: Alunah | Heavy Psych Sounds Beating down heavy riffs like a wall of darkness that settles in, Alunah’s debut release Violet Hour is everything you want from a dark and dreary night of doom-soaked metal. The UK band has spun an impressive weave … Read More ›

11Paranoias Album Cover

Album Review: 11Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven

11PARANOIAS—Stealing Fire From Heave Ritual Productions Link: Bandcamp Not really a sludge band, but just as postering, 11PARANOIAS are the ghosts that haunt the ward and hallucinations that infect your mind. Stealing Fire From Heaven feels like you are peering through caverns against society and the mustiness of their guitar … Read More ›

From All Purity album cover from Indian

Indian – From All Purity

Indian From All Purity Relapse Records ★★★ These Chicago doommakers not only blend bone-crushing apocalyptic sneer, they bleed it through a strainer of extreme noise that is as enjoyable as a mass of paper cuts. My cats are even concerned by the estranged sound coming out of these speakers. “Rape” … Read More ›