Zennui turns metal into zen

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Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family

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What impresses me most about Zennui is that they have successfully abridged an album that should be two- maybe three-albums worth of material and crafted an EP with a huge sense of purpose. Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family is five songs total with the first song—rightfully called “The Magician”—serving as an introduction.

On top of that, their stylistic approach to metal is breathtakingly open. It’s like a stream of conscious approach at making a statement, and it has my attention. The title track’s mantra blends doom and contorting prose into a single entity. You hear ‘90s post rock elements trying to sneak out of the heaviness.

Don’t blink because you may be diving into the grunge metal bliss of “Crestfallen” or universally-driven “Aquatrog.” They become musical troubadours to the metal abbey giving praise to the gods of the universe. By the time “Third Eye Cyclops” wanders in, you feel the band metaphysically drifting into another dimension. Didn’t get that trip the first time? Hit repeat and realize this band’s awesome potential.

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