ambarchi O'malley dunn on selective memory

Ambarchi, O’Malley, Dunn – Shade Themes from Kairos Review

Ambarchi, O’Malley, Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos (Drag City) ★★★★★ An incoming storm approaches. The voices run at random bursts from a metronome. It’s like a haunting shadow of the city. “The Space Between” is everything that encompases this trio and an experience that surrounds Shade Themes From Kairos. … Read More ›

Chills on Glass album cover by Dead Rider

Dead Rider – Chills on Glass

Dead Rider Chills On Glass Drag City ★★★★★ It’s actually over? That’s it. Did I just sit through an entire album? What felt like five minutes have been over 40. What I can conclude from this rift in time is that Chills On Glass is better than anything they have … Read More ›