West Coast Love Stories Album Cover from Stone Giants

Stone Giants: West Coast Love Stories Album Review

Stone Giants West Coast Love Stories Nomark Link: Bandcamp There are so many directions this album could go. Amon Tobin imported his perspective of life into his soundscape palette and a new alias for the electronic musician. As his career moves through ideas and perspectives, Stone Giants is a deep … Read More ›

Cicuta Maculata Album Cover by Yves Malone

Album Review: Yves Malone – Cicuta Maculata

Yves Malone Cicuta Maculata ERR Rec Links: Yves Malone | ERR Records The rate Yves Malone churns out new music is stunning. His creative bank is an impressive testament to the unparalleled work that he produces and Cicuta Maculata is an added compliment, giving us a taste as a sound … Read More ›

Royal Trux on Selective Memory

Royal Trux – White Stuff Review

Royal Trux – White Stuff ★★★★   It felt like a shock wave punching me in the face when Royal Trux announced that after fifteen years they would break an unspoken hiatus. I thought we had left Royal Trux back in the ‘90s covered with disenfranchised rock and roll dust. … Read More ›

Meat Mountain Album Cover by A Lull

Album Review: A Lull – Meat Mountain

A Lull Meat Mountain Mush Records ★★ When all of the components fit into place, you can have a sedimentary release that will blow your mind. For A Lull’s Meat Mountain, the music goes in and out of consciousness. The band captures the collective of the five piece band when … Read More ›