Cicuta Maculata Album Cover by Yves Malone

Album Review: Yves Malone – Cicuta Maculata

Yves Malone
Cicuta Maculata

Yves Malone on Selective Memory

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The rate Yves Malone churns out new music is stunning. His creative bank is an impressive testament to the unparalleled work that he produces and Cicuta Maculata is an added compliment, giving us a taste as a sound scientist in the lab.

Yves Malone – Cicuta

Cicuta Maculata is a complex hybrid of circuitry dance jams and analog soundtrack noir. “Asterids” starts with a rager of bubbly glitch pop that transforms into Kraftwerk-esque derivatives that get lost in your own thought patterns. It’s Malone who can flawlessly stretch synth sounds out into the ethers.

Songs are built as chapters to whatever motive you may find out of Malone’s concoction. The album puzzles together this kind of arthouse expressionism that transforms into a conceptual digital travelogue. You will find it drifting in and out of your conscious. Sometimes songs just exist in its own framework like “Apailes.” The music burns like an action scene for the 22nd Century. And sometimes they build moods like “Apiaceae,” a love song for artificial intelligence, brooding with futurism flattery. Malone perfectly capsizes the song with imperfections. Even the machine cannot control everything.

”Vale, Vera Fuit Eius” ends the album on a sober note that illustrates defiance through isolation. It’s a perfect finale to such an intricate release. Malone has birthed each of these songs with the utmost care and craftsmanship to give the listener an experimental modular masterpiece.

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