Cicuta Maculata Album Cover by Yves Malone

Album Review: Yves Malone – Cicuta Maculata

Yves Malone Cicuta Maculata ERR Rec Links: Yves Malone | ERR Records The rate Yves Malone churns out new music is stunning. His creative bank is an impressive testament to the unparalleled work that he produces and Cicuta Maculata is an added compliment, giving us a taste as a sound … Read More ›

High Tides on Selective Memory

Album Review: High Tides – Paradise Daze

High Tides Paradise Daze Rad Cult ★★★★★ Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes return to bring us the warm utopia of Paradise Daze. The duo have loaded up on Vitamin D as they drift with a translucent electronic Shangri-La. It’s like dropping acid inside a shell shop on the coast while … Read More ›

Twist of Shadows Album Cover by Xymox

Xymox Gets Twist of Shadows Album Reissued

Pylon Records Re-issues One Of Xymox Seminal Releases Medusa is what turned Clan of Xymox into darkwave heroes. Yet, Twist of Shadows is what got the band mainstream attention. In 1989, the Holland group shaved its name down to Xymox and incorporated a more danceable and poppy element to their … Read More ›

Depeche Mode Band Photos

Depeche Mode Launches Singles Box Sets

Depeche Mode Speak & Spell | The 12” Singles A Broken Frame | The 12” Singles Rhino Records Depeche Mode has found various ways of packaging their material for the masses. From Greatest Hits collections to Remixed versions to the early years, as well as the later years, various live … Read More ›

It Could Only Be This Way album cover by Color War

Color War – It Could Only Be This Way

Color War It Could Only Be This Way Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ★★★ Color War has my attention! As “Plate Techtonics” opens up It Could Only Be This Way, the controlled cold beat throbs back and forth, creating a pulse that is as sultry as it is isolated. The … Read More ›