The Juice Vol. 1 Album Cover by Emotional Oranges

Album Review: Emotional Oranges – The Juice, Vol. 1

Emotional Oranges
The Juice, Volume 1
Avant Garden

emotional oranges on selective memory

The debut from this Los Angeles band glows under a late night neon, flickering R&B and modern velvet plastiche pop never felt so good on the dance floor. What started as a playful idea and some studio time turned into four years of becoming a collective who create some of the richest suede beats out there.

It’s one thing to gyrate in front of a mic, it’s another to gyrate while flashing some silk tongue to the thickest bass out there. That’s where “Motion” begins. The balance between a retro fantasy and current trends is on point from the get go.

Emotional Oranges – Motion [Official Music Video]

“Hold You Back” could be on any Top 40 radio station. What Emotional Oranges adds is sophistication. The group creates a mystique that builds intrigue to the way this group defines pop music.

A great ‘90s style soft breakbeat is “Built That Way.” The feeling of personal expression is a gorgeous array of intimate songwriting and groovy waves of deep philosophy in the way Brand New Heavies would lay down R&B skills.

Emotional Oranges – Personal [Official Music Video]

I like that Emotional Oranges do not limit themselves. “Corners of My Mind” is on the opposite end of the spectrum as “Motion.” Guitar loops and gentle beats fuel this nightlight of a pop beacon like a lighthouse. Nothing overbearing into the gorgeous chorus like a desert drive under a million stars.

Think of every hook in the book to allure you in and Emotional Oranges have you hypnotized. The level of emotion are what haunts after hours dreams. There is no last call with The Juice, Vol. 1 is concerned. I cannot wait for Vol. 2, and there will be a Vol. 2.

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