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Album Review: Spirit Adrift-Divided By Darkness

Spirit Adrift
Divided By Darkness
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We all know what kind of monster Spirit Adrift is in the metal community. Their previous effort, Curse of Conception was listed by Decibel Magazine #2 best of 2017. With that status, there are some big shoes to fill in order to get past that level of grandeur.

Divided By Darkness does not disappoint. Spirit Adrift pushes their level of commitment to presenting top shelf metal that is comparable in essence to the likes of Ozzy or Priest. They understand classicism in metal but they do not replicate it, forging unity through uniqueness. “Born Into Fire” demonstrates that. The power play on 3-3 time and guitar riffs roaring from the fires of passion all make for great anthemic rock muscle. This song is iconic not just with the band but universally defined for all metal fans.

Nathan Garrett is at the apex of this album, contributing lead and harmony vocals, guitar work and bass. The way his mind works to construct the layering on songs that go beyond simple metal churning is unfathomable that this all comes from one person. Add Marcus Bryant on drums with synth and Wurlitzer work by Preston Bryant, the output is incredible. Their touring group is more traditionally established.

Spirit Adrift – Hear Her [Official Music Video]

“Tortured By Time” reaches up to the level of Iron Maiden chord eruptions while dipping down into doom-laden riffs that swirl around together to create a mind melt. On the other end of the spectrum, “Living Light” amps up the intensity and power through double time riffage. Garrett’s vocal range is comforting while coinciding with the band’s philosophy about life. Both utilize realism that lead to optimism. You can easily respect the song as much as you can feel its intense rage.

The title track gives us Spirit Adrift at its eye. A subconscious power flows through the power of this song like gale force winds of chugging riffs. Minus the level of talent Randy Rhodes had on that era of Ozzy, the overall vibe of this song reminds me of that era of Ozzy. Divided By Darkness focuses on the sonics of the band, pushing them farther than their career has take them. Not too shabby for their follow up to Curse of Conception.

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