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Q+A With Steve Braun of Halcyon Way

Halcyon Way Is Triumphant With New Release After powering through album after album of self-defining moments and mature metal pieces, Halcyon Way releases Bloody But Unbowed on Agronia Records (our review of the album) The Atlanta band has built up a reputation of being a powerhouse in the scene. Steve Braun … Read More ›

Bloody But Unbowed Album Cover By halcyon Way

Halcyon Way – Bloody But Unbowed

Halcyon Way Bloody But Unbowed Agonia Records ★★★★ Atlanta’s Halcyon Way returns as Bloody But Unbowed continues to propel not just the band but metal into the future. There are two concepts that tend to dominate. The first is the unbroken spirit. The title track showcases the strength of this … Read More ›