Salems Lot Movie Poster

Stephen King’s Vampires Stay Undead

With a modern version of Salem’s Lot being planned with horror writer Gary Dauberman at the helm, will it stack up to the original? When reports that writer and director Gary Dauberman laid out plans to work on a reboot of Salem’s Lot, buzz articles have circulated around the horror-verse … Read More ›

Insect Ark Band Photo

Insect Ark – The Vanishing

Insect Ark The Vanishing Profound Lore Records Links: Official Site | Profound Lore Records “The album’s title refers to a recurring daydream I had of disappearing completely—floating out to sea alone, and never being found.” This is Dana Schechter’s premise for The Vanishing, Insect Ark’s third heavy hitter. The Swans … Read More ›

A Bay of Blood Film Poster

The Dark and Depraved: A Bay Of Blood

A Bay of Blood [1971] Directed by: Mario Bava Link: IMDB Mario Bava knows how to pull every emotion out of the viewer to create a rollercoaster of emotions that is as genius and exquisite an approach to the 1970s horror genre. A Bay of Blood is fucking depressing. Stelvio … Read More ›

dead witches on selective memory

Album Review: Dead Witches – The Final Exorcism

Dead Witches The Final Exorcism Dead Psych Sounds ★★★ Deep in the dredges amongst the cold, dank caverns of horror-laced doom metal lies Dead Witches’ ritualistic swears. The Final Exorcism will haunt your dreams. These riffs are heavy, man. There is so much pedal fueling the power chords that their … Read More ›

Monster from the film Zombie

The Dark and Depraved: Maniac and Zombie

Blue Underground Re-issue and enhanced 4k restoration of William Lustig’s Maniac and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Blue Underground has resurrected two quintessential films in the horror genre. William Lustig’s Maniac and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie are dug up from the grave of endless format re-issuing and enhanced to revolutionary 4k standards. In … Read More ›

Freddy Kreuger and The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs and The Return of Freddy Krueger

Like many movie monster appearances, “Mr. Knifey-Hands” is worth the anticipation As a child, I would be elated when one of the Universal Monster movies would be showcased on TV. I would spend the day anticipating the chance to see the Wolfman transform or The Mummy emerge out of its … Read More ›

Shadowbuilder Video Artwork

The Dark and Depraved – Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder

New in the MVD Rewind Collection, Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder gets upgraded to Blu-Ray The MVD Rewind Collection Who are you? Stay back! A demon is summoned by an evil Archbishop, thus the Shadowbuilder walks the earth ready to destroy! That’s the blanket statement that leads us into this hellish cat … Read More ›

A. E. Paterra

A Conversation with Majeure

A member of Zombi, A.E. Paterra expands his synth sounds with Majeure Listening to Majeure, it conjures up the wondrous ghosts of ’70s ambient composers and ’80s analog soundtracks. Lesser known as A.E. Paterra and more prominently known as one half the duo Zombi, Paterra has made a name for … Read More ›