A Ware of Golden Things Album Cover by Tall Tall Trees

Tall Tall Trees—A Wave of Golden Things

Tall Tall Trees A Wave Of Golden Things Joyful Noise Links: Tall Tall Trees | Facebook There are unparalleled similarities between Mike Savino and Joe Williams. The defining moment on A Wave of Golden Things comes in the form of the song “Seven Shades of Blue.” Like Williams, Savino is … Read More ›

AJ Rosales

AJ Rosales – Manifestations

AJ Rosales Manifestations Self-Released Links: Official Site | Bandcamp AJ Rosales makes the acoustic guitar seem so easy yet so complex at the same time. Putting out an acoustically-dominated album is not a lightweight decision. The strings want to fight back. The tones take a keen ear. Things could go … Read More ›

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water—Is This What It’s Like

Within the confines of real life, Bodies of Water accomplishes something magnificent Bodies of Water Is This What It’s Like Thousand Tongues Link: Official Site Fate has played a role in making sure Is This What It’s Like exists for our pleasure. This is not a reference to the pandemic, … Read More ›

Yawn Album Cover by Bill Ryder Jones

Album Review: Bill Ryder-Jones – Yawn

Bill Ryder-Jones Yawn Domino Records ★★★★★ Four albums into his career and Bill Ryder-Jones continues to amass a grand scale of talent with Yawn. Digging into this release is like walking into an empty cathedral and asking for understanding but realizing just how human everything is along the way. The … Read More ›

Lurching In The Dark Album Cover by A Very Loud Death

A Very Loud Death – Lurching in the Dark

A Very Loud Death Lurching in the Dark Independent ★★★★ Have you heard of A Very Loud Death? No? Well, you should. When you get on their Bandcamp and dig into Lanterns, you discover rock and roll surrealism. There is a deep aura that glows. It comes from the emotions … Read More ›

Amber Run on Selective Memory

Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost Review

Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost (Dine Alone Records) I was not sure how to measure the viability of Amber Run’s latest album For A Moment, I Was Lost. It’s not completely apparent this is an album based on stories of mental health. It’s not immediate that … Read More ›

Delirium Album Cover by Old Many Canyon

Album Review: Old Man Canyon – Delirium

Old Man Canyon Delirium Self-Released ★★★★ “It’s about that moment in life when you have a realization that things aren’t how you want them. That inner voice that is always fully aware of what needs to change. It’s about the process of returning to a place of simplicity, where we … Read More ›

Youth album cover by Wild Cub

Wild Cub – Youth

Wild Cub Youth Mom + Pop ★★ Keegan DeWitt is no stranger to both the music and film community, scoring soundtracks for several movies in the past two years (“Listen Up Phillip” and “Land Ho!” as the most recent). Is it really surprising that DeWitt would opt to make something … Read More ›