Lurching In The Dark Album Cover by A Very Loud Death

A Very Loud Death – Lurching in the Dark

A Very Loud Death
Lurching in the Dark

Have you heard of A Very Loud Death? No? Well, you should.

When you get on their Bandcamp and dig into Lanterns, you discover rock and roll surrealism. There is a deep aura that glows. It comes from the emotions this band emits, an ambiance that is real and otherworldly all in its unique rock presence.

What is amazing about how these songs work is that they step out of their own selves to turn something like “Temples” into a rock and roll religious experience. Are influenced by Stars of the Lid or James or Samiam. The bottom line is that Lanterns is a great album. So, how do you top that?

If you stack “Lurching in the Dark” on top of Lanterns, you do not. But if you go into their new song as an individual experience, it will bring out the light from within. The band’s new single is subtle theatrical prose backed by big swing reggae rhythms—not Big Youth reggae, but more like The Police reggae.

The song’s intro spirals into jangled indie guitar notes. With a line drawn, the song brazenly transitions into a mature struggle between ballad and alternative rock buzz. As it progresses, you are not quite sure if you should be scared or succumbed to its hypnotic gaze. As the song’s fuse burns shorter, it hits you and you are back into the philosophy that made Lanterns so great. These three find the limits of possibility and figure out how to take an idea one step further without imploding.

“Lurching in the Dark” is some of the best production work I have heard from the band. And as the song separates itself from the rest of their discography, it’s an accomplishment that pushes their potential. They don’t just redefine rock music, they envision it. I am confident subsequent songs will open up a new dimension in this singular release.

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