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The Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist: Episode 1

T.A. Breedlove has an embedded love for the Circle City. For decades, he has immersed himself in Indianapolis’ urban culture, the people and the city’s vibrancy. Growing up in the ’80s skateboard scene, he retired his board at 35 . . . or, so he thought. With a camera, we get to experience life in the city from a “board’s eye view.”

Episode 1: Spring Revival

As temperatures rise, I am seeing more homeless people sitting heavy in the sun on the streets of downtown Indy. Some ignore me. Some of them I ignore. Others talk and answer questions revealing stories of past mistakes and times of despair. I roll in and engage before moving on, never forcing a story, but taking what gems the universe puts in my path. The connections I make with people on the streets of Indy and beyond give them and I greater understanding of the bigger picture than we could ever attain on our own. May my connections never stop, and may I never lose sight of that which cannot be seen.

Episode 1: Spring Revival

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The Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist – Episode 2 Teaser

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