The Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist Episode 5

The Spice Of Life or: The Life and Times of Naptown Edomites

A bump in the temperature brought about a boost in Circle City overdoses downtown during the FDIC convention. Thank God, or Black Jesus (for the Hebrew Israelites out there), that the IFD responded quickly to the bad batch of KD/spice hitting the streets. The people responding to the homeless crises in Indy don’t get paid enough for their thankless efforts in the face of out-of-control drug use and bad behavior. I’m not much of a church going man, but may the one true God of this world shine down on everyone afflicted with addiction, and all those who serve the afflicted, with a blessing of peace that they have never known.

First Encounter with the Black Hebrew Israelites

Second Encounter with the Black Hebrew Israelites

Third Encounter with the Black Hebrew Israelites

And, lastly. . .

Hebrew Irrationals

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