Rave Age album cover from Vitalic

Vitallic – Rave Age

Rave Age
([Pias] America Records)

In an age where electronic music consists of the thump, thump, woob, woob of Dubstep, it’s nice to hear a pure techno/house album every once in a while that you can actually dance to rather than just bob your head back and forth. Rave Age is the latest album from French producer Vitalic and it transports the listener back to the golden days of techno while still remaining originally new and hip. No, I am not saying the album doesn’t thump from time to time. However, Vitalic’s mix of old school techno sound fuses well with heavy bass tracks of today. The record is enriched with a pureness of dance floor ambiance.

The first track off the album, “Rave Kids Go” starts off slow. It builds to a tour de force of high energetic house flavor that only continues to generate and build momentum through the rest of the record.  “Stamina” offers a purely bass driven orchestration of electronic brilliance fused with a great vocal track of distorted lyrics. This song tests the listener’s stamina by seeing if you can keep up with its high octane energy on the dance floor.

Vitalic – Stamina Music Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50HsOJuvaKY]

“Fade Away” is the next track. It slows the album’s pace but in its own right is a purely stunning house track that is still danceable. It is more intimate in its construction and feel. The same can be said for the fifth track. “Under the Sun” is another purely old school techno track with a stunningly superb female vocal that blends nicely with enriched sound of the track.

Rounding out the rest of the highlights off the album is the old school drum-and-bass flavor of “No More Sleep,” the ambient cloud flight of “Nexus,” the rave inspired “Lucky Star” and high energy cacophony of “La Mort sur le Dance Floor” which is another favorite of mine off the album. While Rave Age is not a totally original record, it’s still worth the time. There are many hidden gems that could easily find their way on to your play list.

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