Post Everything album cover by Weekend

Weeknight – Post Everything

Post Everything
Artificial Records

Weeknight is a professed love for the Darkwave that is happening down dimly-lit New York City streets. And I cannot think of a better monument to the community than Post Everything.

This is a band name I absolutely love! It makes a statement to the Darkwave scene as a whole. The aura is mysterious and the band is moody in such a charming way, you cannot help but get wrapped up in the desire for these songs.

Simple on the surface but deeply complex, Post Everything is an amazing album! I love how the songs flow and where this duo takes us. We are not living for the weekend. This is no party. We are deeply infused in the architecture of the weeknight and it never felt strangely better.

“Hallowed Ground” is a procession into the darkened tombs of our inner sanctuary. But “Sound of My Voice” really digs into the heart of this band. Neon beats and driven synths, the motive is apparent. If you can find any glimmer in this song, it will be quickly extinguish with “Tonight.” If this example of songs are any incline of the New York streets, it’s filled with chrome-reflected technology and futurist reality.

It’s a shame I missed this band live as they came through back on Valentine’s Day, but that strange stopover is as haunting as Post Everything is. I would not call it a frightening moment, but I would say the underground of Weeknight is melancholy.

If you like your electronic music to be cloudy and brouding then don your black attire and enjoy the Weeknight.

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