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Yautja – Songs of Descent (Album Review)

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Songs of Descent
Forcefield Recordings

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Extreme hardcore/grind savages Yautja is taking the Nashville music scene and wringing it out like a wet rag. Their music is brutal, and their lyrical banter is unforgiving.

Featuring members of Coliseum, Gnarwhal, Nameless Cults and more, the band presents a cacophony of unrelenting turbulence. It is incredible just how persistent and precise they can be in the hurricane force winds of chaos this band emits.

Songs of Descent take on wacked-out time signatures that push and tug, pulling you around like a power struggle between technicality and force. A song like “Teeth” grind with vocal growls ripping out each note from the throat and hurling words at you until you feel the weight of every syllable.

The album does not really let up. It is vicious from front to back. A hefty 14 songs at hardcore punk speed, some songs like “Of Descent” sludge through like a Fudge Tunnel song while others like “Tar and Blindness” roar with intense speed on both ends of the spectrum, bending the fabric of the song in a way Voivod would agree with.

It’s as if they soaked up every moment in Nashville music history and took a big crap all over it. Songs of Descent is their middle finger.

Yautja – Of Descent on Audiotree Live

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