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Album Review: An Horse – Modern Air

An Horse
Modern Air
Lame-O Records

An Horse on Selective Memory

An Horse has been a prominent statement in the modern indie rock arena. Two albums worth of substantial music, their return with Modern Air is, at its core, brilliance. With a six year hiatus, that time off may have been the means for them to grow as the musicians they are now. These songs are a glorious statement of humanist perspectives with a clear homage to those people who have been as much an inspiration to the band as the band is inspiring to us. It should land on many top 10 lists of 2019.

Kate Cooper and Damon Cox have created something white hot and physical in the sincerest philosophical sense. The album starts right in with “This Is A Song” that pounds power chords to punctuate Kate’s vocals. It burns into some of the most vivacious power pop harmonies since Olympia became a thing 20 years ago. I just want the sun to beam down on me while I turn it up as loud as I can.

An Horse – This Is A Song (Official Video)

“Live Well” is a gracious approach to dedication to the drive these two have. “Live well my friends. I forget to tell you how much I love and need you.” The directness on Modern Air is enlightening.

From the more experimentally submerged “Bob Ross (Be the Water)” to the ballad-turn-big beat power pop of “Ship of Fools,” it’s not all three-chord therapy. Something as simple as “Breakfast” is a deep intellectual dive of well-written songs. It’s daunting that two people comprise this band.

Through vision and grit, Modern Air is a propulsive release of rock at its most honest. The way Kate and Damon work together to construct something so effortless and inspiring is saying a lot. My God, what a great album to just dive into and have at it.

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