The Ghosts We Will Welcome Album Cover by Nations Afire

Album Review: Nations Afire – The Ghosts We Will Become

Nations Afire
The Ghosts We Will Become
Hardline Entertainment

nations afire on selective memory

Listening to Nations Afire’s latest makes me glad I never got rid of my Samiam and Hot Water Music albums. Distinctive of that late ‘90s punk/hardcore sound, The Ghosts We Will Become is distinctive of all of the Epitaph Records that suffered blasted volumes in a moving car, and the soundtrack to halfpipe flesh burns.

Nations Afire taps into the aggro style within the West Coast scene. However, I have not experienced it on this level in years. It may also be because vocalist/guitarist Nik Hill and bassist Brett Rasmussen also reside in the hardcore band Ignite. Also, drummer Todd Henning spent three albums pounding out beats for Death By Stereo. Recording in Fort Collins, you know that place is the punk rock fountain of youth.

Nations Afire – The Ghosts We Will Become

I won’t want to call this album emotive because in context, the word presents negative connotations. A lot of emotion pours out their aggressive demeanor. “Nine Lives” presents a power that burns strong and with three members, there is a ton of sound coming out of this tune.

Even the acoustic ballad of “Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats” is impressive in its strength as it clearly shows the bond between each member’s talent. I prefer the song “Occams Razor,” where melody is carried away by the intensity of their power punk demeanor.

The band has a lot going for them and from experience, their sound speaks volumes for anyone who enjoys a great punk hardcore album filled with a lot of melodic grit and heart.

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