Album cover to All Hail The Night

All Hell — All Hail the Night (Terminus Hate City Records)

All Hell
All Hail The Night
Terminus Hate City Records

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Album cover to All Hail The Night

North Carolina’s All Hell returns with a dual purpose EP that serves to not just to give fans some new tunes but also to resurrect three reimagined songs from their early catalog. This is their first major work since 2019 and they used those times to fuel rage amongst a post-pandemic world. These songs are an eye-opening experience for those who may not be as familiar with their early work while providing a refreshed approach to a little All Hell music history. The charm lies in the blurred lines of the past and the present.

Claustrophobic chaos rules All Hell’s celebration of the night. Death comes from all directions funneling into the darkness that comes from embracing reality. You feel this sense of urgency come through in their new work. The polish in their work comes from Chris “Scary” Adams’s (Black Tusk) production work and the group’s dedication to push the band forward.

An important crossroads for the band and a monumental statement for fans, All Hail The Night is a must.

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