Allies for Everyone on Selective Memory

Allies For Everyone – You & Me Review

Allies For Everyone – You & Me (Kid Recordings)

Allies for Everyone on Selective Memory

From the get go, Allies For Everyone’s EP is as infectious as that warm summer day. You & Me drops in thick beats with silky prowess. And they don’t stop from there. This is the perfect mix of melodic dance pop and pants rippling dance jiggle. I would think any dance club would bum rush to play.

“Flashback” is weighted in New Wave glitter and polished rhythms. Synths swirl around the idea of a glistening melody making the perfect dance song. And when the low end carries the song through, it is re-joined by the sounds of pop’s future. Be prepared to lose control.

“In The Wind” is a pop safari that goes deeper. The song builds a mystic journey with minimal tribal drums bouncing off transcendental vocals. It feels more like New Age than New Wave. But the smack of the snare keeps it all controlled.

Allies For Everyone – It Takes All Kinds (Original Mix)

“Feel Your Love” lies somewhere between the stylistic creativity of the first song and “In The Wind.” The song is brazen for a hit, as they have also released an accompanying video. The vocals of DJ Brian Suarez—the commander beyond the heart of this project— may be the cleanest yet. But it also becomes a distraction to the haunting effects that make up the rest of the songs. However, the presentation reminds me of a young and shy Bernard Summer, especially when he belts out “I can feel your love.” And that part alone is very humbling.

The finale and title track to the EP wraps up in silk sheets and fed grapes from the gods. The electronics on this song is pure blissful indulgence. Suarez is here to pamper you before he fades away.

Screw Daft Punk’s latest attempt, Allies For Everyone takes from the golden age and makes it their own New York groove without simply relying on the past to carry themselves foreword.

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