Yang album cover by Reza Safinia

Reza Safinia: Yang (Album Review)

Reza Safinia Yang Music + Texture Links: Official Site | Facebook Living my life as a Libra, I am hypersensitive to the concept of balance. It’s what drives me—that sense of stability in nature and the balance in life. Ying and Yang is something I find appealing. Reza Safinia thought … Read More ›

West Coast Love Stories Album Cover from Stone Giants

Stone Giants: West Coast Love Stories Album Review

Stone Giants West Coast Love Stories Nomark Link: Bandcamp There are so many directions this album could go. Amon Tobin imported his perspective of life into his soundscape palette and a new alias for the electronic musician. As his career moves through ideas and perspectives, Stone Giants is a deep … Read More ›



Rewind is as much a multi-dimensional art statement as it is a concert documentary Link: Official Site | Beatport Did you catch the one-time screening of Pastikman’s film Rewind? It was available on Beatport’s Twitch Channel, December 4, appropriately aired at the witching hour. Ritchie Hawtin expresses the mystique of … Read More ›


Kleerup releases 2

Kleerup 2 Independent Release Link: Facebook It has been over ten years since Andreas Kleerup released his debut album. After producing albums for Roxette, The Cardigans, and Shout Out Louds, he drifted off on a high and churned out his self-titled release. However, for this followup, things are a little … Read More ›

Yves Malone on Selective Memory

Yves Malone – Beyond the Before (Album Review)

Yves Malone Beyond the Before Never Anything Recs Links: Official Site | Bandcamp Yves Malone is at it again, this time skipping through time and space to end up with a futuristic soundtrack that is an ambient-synth delicacy. Beyond the Before takes us on a synthetic journey to an analog … Read More ›

Gravity Pairs Album Cover by Beacon

Beacon – Gravity Pairs

Beacon Gravity Pairs Ghostly International ★★★★★ There is a blurring notion between romanticizing electronic music and culminating a spiritual connection through sound. They both go hand in hand as linear motion formulates Beacon’s latest release. Gravity Pairs  is late night truths pushing forward in some instances while pulling back in … Read More ›

Dimensional People Album Cover by Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars – Dimensional People

Mouse on Mars Dimensional People Thrill Jockey ★★★★ Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner are normal people. They see the same things that we all see and experience the same elements most of us other humans can relate to. But it is in the way the two see the familiar … Read More ›