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It has been over ten years since Andreas Kleerup released his debut album. After producing albums for Roxette, The Cardigans, and Shout Out Louds, he drifted off on a high and churned out his self-titled release. However, for this followup, things are a little different. That massive single with Robyn is long gone and the momentum through the 2010s was cut short.

2 comes on the heels of a low for Kleerup, fighting addiction and mental health issues. Being able to turn to music gave him a different kind of passion and strength battling his demons and scraping himself back to life. The songs within show a rejuvenated passion that teams his electronic work with the likes of UK electro pop star AlunaGeorge, Ana Diaz, Swedish artists Rebecca & Fiona, and Yumi Zouma.

Standing in the center of the universe, Kleerup composes a stellar kaleidoscope of computerized arpeggios that turn into stars twinkling into the night sky. You just have to let the song “TRU” wash over your senses and let it all flash before your eyes. This is Kleerup’s way of composing clarity.

“Hang On To My Vertigo Vertigo” broods with indie pop prowess as Freddie Wadling puts his best Bowie on next to the synthpop inspirational quote, “Gotta Be You.” His work here is all over the board going from glamorous pop constructions to mystical stratosphere electronic jams to sincere songwriting that builds hope, although I am guessing Kleerup is proving that to himself.

What 2 shows us is that Kleerup can still craft glorious synthpop songs.


Lovers Table (featuring AlunaGeorge)
Trouble (featuring Ana Diaz)
Hang on to my Vertigo Vertigo (featuring Freddie Wadling)
Gotta Be You
I Need Love (featuring Rebecca & Fiona)
Head To Rest
U R (featuring Rebecca Facey)
I Don’t Mind (featuring Yumi Zouma)
Say Ten

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