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Also – EP01 Review

Also – EP01 (R and S Records)

Also on Selective Memory

I remember when I first got my taste of Plastikman and the acid house movement. It was like opening up my consciousness into new realms. I immediately got that same feeling when I put on Also’s EP01.

Only three songs, each song is so fresh with perspective they will make you rethink your perception of dance music. As far as I can tell, hey have one rule. They do not adhere to the 4 x 4 framework of electronic music while maintaining dance music’s core philosophy.

“Sid’s Conundrum” pairs Detroit machine rhythm while taking in the elements of experimental industrial with off-kilter sampling and repetitive machine sounds. It’s not as spectacular as it could be, but it does give us the idea that this will not be a normal album.

The fireworks come with “Ashford Swaithes.” This is pure dance bliss with creativity in the angular time signatures and unexpected hooks. You cannot help but be entranced over the love of the grind that follows the beat. You feel its energy and capitalize on the momentum.

The last song intermingles the last two song’s methodology together and melds the duo’s viewpoints on electronic music. It becomes one giant of a song, exposing the intricacies of their eclectic electronic structure.

If you want something a little different, then Also is right up there with fascinating electronic sounds. It will blow your mind.

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