Arrakis – Technontology, Vol. 1

Technontology Vol. I
Self Released

Link: Official Site

Returning with their third release, Arrakis is at it again with songs that begin with promise but end up veering into swirling jam band meanderings that feel more like battling vertigo than digging deep into their own psychedelic mantra.

“A NIght In Tokyo” has promise beginning with the sense of drumming chaos while adding to the overwhelming perception of the Japanese city. I could listen to that bass line all night. The guitars and bass put focus and perspective not only on the aural directive of the storyline but the song itself; yet, its driving motion only dissipates into guitar noodling and loses perspective. The fuzz guitar is its saving grace, pulling it all back together. Their strength is in numbers and when you experience that aspect of the band, it’s a good time.

You get a Zappa-esque perceptibility from this Thessaloniki, Greece trio. However with a song like “Dream Explained,” their experimental angle overpowers controlled chaos. Dominated by thick bass riffs, “Animan” is a beast. Their own quirkiness does not get the best of them and the song thrives as one of the band’s better moments.

Speaking of badass bass riffs, the opener to “Misophonia” is tantalizing in the sense that it feels like it does not come from this world. I could listen to that riff for an eternity.

“Hypothalamus” ends with dizzying effects that musically flails all over the place. Looking back, I can say that each member brings their own special qualities to the mix, often times not all at once. I can pinpoint parts of songs that bring forth enticement, but with something like “Hypothalamus” I can also see the band exploiting their own chaos through subtle musical sarcasm that only goes so far. A psychedelic jam band for another planet, I can see them shining within the moment of impromptu jams, but on tape, they need to strengthen the message.

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