Brandy and the Butchers

Brandy and the Butcher—Dick Circus

Brandy and the Butcher crank out a killer rock album with Dick Circus.

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Brandy and the Butcher
Dick Circus
River Monster Records

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Let’s be blunt; if you are looking for a great rocker of an album, Dick Circus is it. This South Carolina four-piece encapsulates a scuffed-up and callused middle finger wrapped around each of these powerful garage rockers.

Their first long haul, Dick Circus is a debut that does not disappoint, not at any point of the album. The band has found their niche and uses this appeal to their advantage each and every time. The humidity and drive of “Pool Party” is a heaping ton of catchy hooks, spiked-tongued vocals from Elizabeth Hale, and all illuminated by Jay Matheson’s sex, drugs, and rock and roll guitar solo. This is anthemic rock bliss amongst an orgy of punk rock postering.

And when you think they have turned it up, they come barrelling out with the greasehead romp of “Misunderstood.” Roger Shattuck’s bass to Kevin Brewer’s drums keeps the band’s foundation rock solid. “Monkey the Cat” is a pit party drenched in sweat and presented with Southern sneering punk hospitality.

The band makes an exodus as “Earthquake” portrays that late 1970s denim rocker in them. Hale’s voice is strong, vibrant, and rebellious as hell all the way until the bitter end.

Solid from front to back, there is no doubt the necessity of a band like Brandy and the Butcher. Dick Circus documents the band’s vitality and strengths while propelling their creative latch to hypnotically fuse raw rock and roll and fist-in-your face punk to the forefront. Preserving that organic element, this album is as real as it gets.

Brandy and the Butchers—Dick Circus Music Video

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