Wolves in Argyle on Selective Memory

Album Review: Wolves In Argyle – Dangereux

Wolves In Argyle Dangereux Incineration Ceremony Recordings ★★★ Oakland based Wolves In Argyle look to the estrangement of California garage rock prowess on their debut Dangereux. With an aroma of desert rock, garage mold and spilt beer, the band concocts a witches brew of leather-clad weirdo culture and acid green … Read More ›

1-2-3 Album Cover by Vamos

Vamos – 1-2-3

Vamos 1-2-3 Maximum Pelt ★★★ Come in and bask inside the temple of rock and roll. Vamos is back with a grandeur of rock and roll. A garage rock of Shakespearean prose of three acts: 1-2-3. Three years have passed as this Chicago band crams in as much garage and glam … Read More ›