The Archaeas

Quick Takes: The Archaeas – Self-Titled

The Archaeas melt fire-eyed rock with punk to make an album that is loud as hell.

The Archaeas on Selective Memory

The Archaeas
Goner Records

Fueling their primal behavior, The Archaeas’ self-titled is chock full of deafening rock bearing down on you like a weighty blanket trying to snuff out punk rock but the rebellion in Violet Archaea’s lyrics overshadow it all. What could easily lay in the foundation of a revolution coming from any decade within the last 50 years, it’s the turbulence of the times that keep the fire burning.

From the raucous opener of “Trapped” to the power chord sass of “Lip Gloss,” the music tends to take on a life of its own, pile driving modern society right in the crotch. The Archaeas throw frivolity around like Greek gods spinning attitude with little regard to mere mortals in their path. It’s that attitude that is the force behind what makes this band great.

The Archaeas—Reality Commander

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