Brothertiger—Paradise Lost

Brothertiger builds an alternate reality in Paradise Lost and it’s gloriously chill

brothertiger on selective memory

Paradise Lost
Satanic Panic

I cannot escape this Peter Gabriel association burning through Paradise Lost, as cliche as it sounds. Yet in this musical trope, John Jagos’s vocals on “Found” takes on that identity. Yet instead of world music, Jagos taps into the universal power of oceanic chill that is like inhaling fresh, crisp air.

These sterilized sounds perfectly flow together into a symphony of escapist fantasies that expand from his Out of Touch album. For Jargos, Paradise Lost is just tapping into the times, even if those times mean a mass exodus to the culture that we once thrived on. Somewhere between pastoral sincerity and island lethargy his view of thriving for some kind of utopia puts up a good fight in these songs, extrapolated in the soundtrack-driven emotions of “Livin’.”

“Shelter Cover” shimmers with sunlit drenched rhythms haunting our electronic perceptions of an exposed reality just as Jargon hits those high notes. The world is his oyster as exciting and terrifying as that seems. I can see why he would want to recreate Tears for Fear’s seminal album on Brothertiger Plays: Tears for Fears’ Songs from the Big Chair. For what it’s worth, I can also see him putting his spin on Howard Jones’s Human Lib. Him and Jones look deeply into humanism.

But as easily as he expresses belief, he also extrapolates an introspective approach as the title track professes. And that becomes our mass exodus to realize that we just stumbled on something musically special while especially being perfect to the genre.

Brothertiger—Livin’ (Official Video)



1. Found
2. Mainsail
3. Shelter Cove
4. Livin’
5. Cannonball
6. My Canopy
7. Swing
8. Checking Out
9. Pyre
10. Paradise Lost

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