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What was I saying? Oh yes…Cheatahs! My apologies for getting off topic. As we listen through their self-titled album, you can clearly see it is easy to become distracted by their sonic sound. You kind of forget where you are as easily as you forget just how much is going into the intricacies of these songs.

You cannot deny that this is easily ‘90s alternative expression. And I cannot really go into explaining where modernity stems off of this, as it would only be nit picky. But each song is a little less of a re-hashing as it is a confident nod.

The album fuels itself and a song like “Geographic” exists solely for the purpose of an existence. This is a band that does not need to woo you. The impressiveness is in the power of multi-layering guitar swirl and mystery. “I” builds you into that with 43 of escalated fuzz. It’s an interlude into aural ecstasy.

And where that leaves “Northern Exposure.” It’s a pop anthem for the slackers, the weirdos, the geeks, and the freaks.

These songs could easily come out of your mom’s garage as they could blowing in from the seaside. At least that is where the dreamy chorus from “Mission Creep” resides. And that is where you are most likely to experience thought drift.

As a song like “Leave To Remain” shows us, Cheatahs can just as successfully rock out as they can sound contemplative. This album spins the gamut of the senses and churns out a solid and tactful alternative pop album that will only make you yearn for your college rock days tatted in paisley. Either that or you will be pulling out your SpinArt and Psychedelphia albums.

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