Here Tonight album cover by Doss

Doss – Here Tonight

Here Tonight

Doss is that electronic escape into a tropical paradise that blends reality with the fantastic and trying to create a new fine line in electronica. This is not the tripped-out tropicalia that modern day tech-adventurists try to create. What Doss does ping pong electronic sampling in such an elegant matter that while taking core elements of pop music to present an uplifting sound that is as enlightening as a staring into the crystal blues of Punta Cana’s beach scene. The exotic sentiments pour into her silky vocals that stretch across this EP, a rarity in the fact that she is both producer and singer.

A quick listen with only four songs that offer snapshots into the feeling and emotion of Doss, Here Tonight feels more like a teaser than one of definition. And when digging into these songs, I appreciate its airyness more than the pop ethics of the songs.

The steel drums of “Softpretty” is such a glorious touch, it makes this EP worth it just for that instance. But the subtle drum and bass and with production that brings back memories of the early Prodigy days, takes old school techno into a futuristic context. So don’t let the Euro pop feel of “The Way I Feel” get to you because even in four songs there are a lot of great things going on here.

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