The Many Sides of Truth album cover by Grey Skies Fallen

Grey Skies Fallen – The Many Sides of Truth

Grey Skies Fallen
The Many Sides of Truth
Xanthros Music

As New York carries much brawn in the guitar-laden battlefield of rock, we think of rip-roaring hardcore or the gutter sludge of Type O Negative. But when it comes to epic metal meets the extreme, you automatically want to set your sights farther.

Grey Skies Fallen has created an experience. Each song carries us through the journey like a chapter to a book. I’m not sure the experience is the same as the legends. But for their sixth release The Many Sides of Truth is a treatise that comes from seasoned musicians.

From the gentle guitar sonata of “Isolation Point” to the grinding halt of doom that comes out of “Of the Ancients,” this album is like wandering the halls of ancient history in your library. Where things get really interesting is the experimental fervor of “End of My Rope,” a song that is equally forward-thinking in approach and brutal in construct.

Grey Skies Fallen can mingle with doom, death and extreme metal styles. This is a band who can flawlessly bounce around the spectrum with ease.

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