Half-Remembered Dream album cover from Dot Dash

Dot Dash – Half-Remembered Dream

Dot Dash
Half-Remembered Dream
The Beautiful Music

It’s truly an honor to be able to have the opportunity to experience music from four extremely prominent members in the punk rock music community. Featuring ex-members from the Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Swervedriver, Youth Brigade…(you get the point), this group is an indie punk pop dream. There is so much history in these notes, yet such a refreshing step forward, I cannot recommend this band enough.

The group consists of Terry Banks (guitar, voice), Steve Hansgen (guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass), and Danny Ingram (drums). Half-Remembered Dream is their third release and by far a testament to excellence. Each song is solid gold, displaying an affection for well-written and sincere songs. The album may have came out last year, but it’s still worth discussion for time to come.

Dot Dash – A Light in the Distance

Appropriately, the band introduces the album with “(Here’s To) The Ghosts of the Past;” a raise of the glass to the haunts and memories of what brought them to this moment. “Here’s to the ghosts of the past and things that don’t last.” This statement acknowledges that even this is only temporary, but it’s also equally as important as anything else they have ever accomplished. The music that surrounds this acts as a celebration to not just what once was but what is now, and it’s progressive drive challenges the future as time spins around the song.

“Bloom/Decay” continues the balance of light and darkness and the natural cycle of life. And the band seems okay with that as it makes you feel fine. They embrace their love for big hooks and memorable intros as with “Broken Halo,” a song that feels like Magazine or A Certain Ration would want to write.

What really helps is that the songs move at a rapid pace. It’s enough to be memorable but does not overstay their welcome. It feels good like having the top down on a warm day good. These are three minute gems with an album that is over with way too soon. But it’s forgivable when every song on here is worth re-visiting over and over again.

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