From All Purity album cover from Indian

Indian – From All Purity

From All Purity
Relapse Records

These Chicago doommakers not only blend bone-crushing apocalyptic sneer, they bleed it through a strainer of extreme noise that is as enjoyable as a mass of paper cuts. My cats are even concerned by the estranged sound coming out of these speakers.

“Rape” is appropriately named because there is no forgiveness at what you are about to hear. The music is brutally honest. When they lose themselves in syncopated rhythmic pulses and thundering bass riffs, From All Purity is a new high. The sound, especially “The Impetus Bleeds” is very much reminiscent of a classic Godflesh tune churning up from the bowels of hell. There are things in this song that glaringly feel otherworldly. Other times, the potent noise falls into a cacophony of shrill art that is very Nietzsche in thought.

INDIAN – “Rhetoric of No” Official Music Video

“Directional” slows down to a painful crawl. You are not sure if the pulse is going to push you any farther as the guitars hum in agony. And “Clarify” will satisfy the pure noise junkies with horrid feedback and absolute frequency overkill. What it leads to is a nonstop aggressive slow down and another song that beats slow death and power plays in our skulls. Each cymbal is felt. Each power chord is held on to as long as possible.

Much of From All Purity follows the same path. It’s when they bring in extreme noise as experimental art and blend it in with skyscraper doom metal that things get really interesting. You can appreciate the painstaking effort of this band to be perfectionists and express each and every note with utter precision.

These songs breath new life into a continuingly excellent band.

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