Shake Album Cover by The Tease

DTEASE – Shake


A tidal wave of rock and roll frenzy, DTEASE’ Shake is one of the more poignant celebrations of rock and roll danger that I have heard in a while. This album has every facet of vice you could ever want. The songs are dirty and sleazy while being politically proactive to our times. When you hear “Slapshot,” it becomes mesmerizing how mind-blowing this song is. The only thing I can say is “Holy shit, these guys get it!” You can smell the testosterone and booze coming out of the song’s pores. Imagine taking the soul of J. Geils’ “Angel in a Centerfold,” and adding a table full of cocaine, then you have the energy in this song.

It’s daunting to be able to soak all of this up at once. Shake is like a punch to the face while spewing out drunken excess. “FTWD (Fuck the World To Death)” is an explosive song that takes everything you know about punk and rock and blows it into another dimension. The turbulence of the music is earth shattering while moving at the speed of absolute chaos.

DTEASE-Slapshot Official Video

The production of these songs are slick and purposefully loud to harness as much power in the songs. Even with the ballad, “Borderline,” the studio work sucks up every ounce of emotion into this song. They may be pointing fingers at the ‘70s Detroit rock scene, they cannot hid their California roots of “3AM,” combining coastal surf and Sunset Strip sleaze. The guitar solos shred holes in your brain leaving you standing there saying, “what the fuck!”

As they sing on “Insurgent:” “. . . but you gotta believe,” they say it with such verbosity that the choir has preached. Once you dig into Shake, it will re-confirm you belief in rock and roll as much as when The Cramps made a slew of new rock and roll converts in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s.

This album is not for the lightweights. DTEASE will either put rock and roll on a golden chariot or burn it all to the ground. Maybe, they will do both. Either way it is one entertaining ride into the abyss.

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