Life Gives and Life Takes album cover by The Generators

The Generators – Life Gives-Life Takes

The Generators
Life Gives-Life Takes
Randale Records

For decades The Generators have been churning out some of the most relevant and iconic music in the annals of punk history. For their 10th album, they are returning to the sound and style that gave them the fuel to have this much longevity.

A unconscious tribute to the late ‘70s punk spirit, Live Gives-Life Takes is an honest outlook of the human spirit and the essence of life. “Gotta Be A Better Way” instantly gives us the outlook for life as a street punk, even all of these years later. We always spend time contemplating about the grass being greener. For this album, reality overshadows fantasy and the band spins hope from hardship through blue-collar ethics.

The music hits hard and fast. Three chords shine like diamonds. Life Gives-Life Takes is one of the better produced punk albums blending perfectly a combination between raw and organic with clarity.

The Generators – 30 Seconds

“Heartbreak Beach” really secures that West Coast attitude with their hybrid of two tone ska and Oi! together under one skankable package. The smoothness of this song reminds me of the prose and power of Joe Strummer meets The Defenders.

If you want one song to say this is The Generators, it’s “Perfume & Poison.” The song blends in all of the elements that gives you every reason to love this band. The Sunset Strip rock undertones, the sweaty west coast braun, and the melodic crooning that makes it all infectious. If you want the truth, it’s all a love/hate relationship. “Goodbye California” is like so many bands giving the state, their politics and ideologies the cold shoulder.

All the emotions and passions from the ‘90s and ‘00s are equally valid now. The need for freedom and responsibility through punk ideals are more important now and The Generators prove that. Live Gives-Life Takes is highly recommended.

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