Kung Fu Overdrive

Kung Fu Overdrive Band Photo
(From left) Ritchie Wilkison, David Bailey, Wayne Griffith, and Steve Boyles

Bringing out the best of the Indianapolis rock and punk scene, Kung Fu Overdrive launches with their debut album and upcoming Punk Rock Night premiere

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Under a canopy of bright orange and yellow hues, the walls of The Pop Machine bear witness to stories. The Indianapolis recording studio houses an extensive history of local musicians fine tuning chord structures and perfecting rhythms, all with the purpose of bearing their creative musical art for the masses. Kung Fu Overdrive is next in line as they just put the final touches on their debut album. Haven’t heard of Kung Fu Overdrive, you say? Oh, you will.

Kung Fu Overdrive gives off the appearance of a local supergroup, but it was not the band’s intention. Guitarists Wayne Griffith and Steve Boyles met years ago under the guise of separate bands. Boyles was in American Bombshell and Griffith currently performs with Machine Guns and Motorcycles, who just released a new album.

“(Steve and I) started sending riffs to each other and talking about working together,” said Griffith about the band’s genesis. “We came up with the band name and some ideas but were just not able to get it off the ground because of other band conflicts. Recently, I had Steve come in and play for the new Machine Guns and Motorcycles record, and that propelled us to start seriously talking about making Kung Fu Overdrive a reality.”

In between bands, Boyles left American Bombshell to form Shitlist. They burned white hot until the tragic loss of vocalist Nate McCombs. It did not just serve a blow to the local music scene, but it spiraled the band into hiatus status just after the release of their debut EP. Boyles enlisted Shitlist member Ritchie Wilkison to play bass for Kung Fu Overdrive, and talked his friend David Bailey to join as drummer. At this moment, Kung Fu Overdrive became a reality.

Griffith is proud of how the band came together. “We meshed perfectly right away. We have only been a band for three months, and already, we have a record in the can as well as a debut show, July 31, for Punk Rock Night.”

The new album, tentatively titled Fists of Fury, is a mixture of action rock and Saturday night punk romp fueled by the energy of power riffs, tight rhythms, and black t-shirt harmonies. The album’s songs burn any troubles away.

“We recorded sixty-to-seventy percent of it live all as one band with a little bit of editing here and there,” said Bailey. “I love how the songs came together in the studio. A lot of things change when that red light comes on. It was nice to experience how quick these songs came together.”

Wilkison further elaborated. “The studio was just as ready to have us come in as we were to get there and get to work. We are red hot right now, and the high energy and the drive to get it done was a great feeling for us. Not only was the band clicking on all cylinders but it also included the studio staff.”

Not only is the band excited to get this album released, they are amped to showcase these songs on stage. For the band, Punk Rock Night seems like the perfect arena for the band to perform and unleash this new project to fans of the historic bar.

“We are seasoned musicians and work together really well,” said Griffith. “This record is raw, and it just feels right. We are all very humble in what we do and look forward to embracing the local scene.”

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  1. Hit the nail on the head. Wonderful article! Wayne is a brilliant talented writer and musician who thinks fast on his feet with lyrics of truth. Bravo guys. Well deserved.

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