House of Need album cover by Les Level

Les Level – House of Need

Les Level
House of Need
100% Silk

When thinking in terms of mathematics, there is a certain process to mathematical equations that if you follow the steps that make up a formula, the answer turns out precise and correct. The same goes for electronic music. You either follow the formula for success or break out of context and make your own rules.

For Les Level, their electronic music is played by the book. Luke Brown builds Deep House ecstasy as a base level. He looks back to the origination of late ‘90s electronic musicians to fill in the gaps. It assures us we will get exactly what we expect on an EP like this. However, I cannot help but want more out of House Of Need. I won’t deny that if I heard any of these songs in a club, I would be intrigued. What Brown does successfully is provide the framework to make you feel it inside your soul.

But outside of the element, you listen to a song like “Claude Monet,” you realize just how much impression Moby still makes on the electronic music world. It is not until the end of this EP and “Working Nights” where Les Level pushes all of his influences to the next level. The palette is full of vibrancy and powerful aspects built into solid song crafting all wrapped up in a neon haze.

If you are familiar with Leslie Salvador and Negativ Magick then you can seemingly fit in Les Level’s power grooves. In the current electronic climate, as good as this album feels, it could be better.

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