The Lion King album cover by Paradise 100

Paradise 100 – The Lion King

Paradise 100
The Lion King
100% Silk

Often times the electronic universe has been plagued with childish and inane objects of desire. The ‘90s were incredibly bad at that. Design and function sometimes coincided to the candy coating techno sounds that were frothing out of the speakers, but there were times when the trousers did not fit the man.

That being said, Paradise 100’s debut EP The Lion King has absolutely no relation to the Disney movie or anything kitschy. Nor has it anything to do with a jungle or drum and bass atmosphere, which is where my thoughts were immediately going. The only thing primal about the opening track, or any other song on this album for this matter, is the throbbing subterranean beats and fluorescent samples fusing together to make something greater than their parts.

You can imagine this to be the soundtrack to driving down oceanfront avenues with waves crashing and the night throbbing all around you. Well, sort of. This isn’t the glossy boom bass of Miami. This is fog on the Tweed, castle bop. Paradise 100 makes a gentlemanly approach to his electronic foray and churns out some of the more danceable and snug power House blends you can imagine.

Paradise 100 – The Lion King

The flow to these songs are perfect and natural, while being naturally elusive to his tempo rushes. “Pneus” uses bass waddles to build excitement and velvet melodies that sends us into some kind of trance.

What The Lion King does is give us Paradise 100’s resume to determine if he made the cut. Each song is it’s own identity. It’s a good thing that he did not mix the songs into each other. What we get is a big club thumper that way. “Kissing in the House of Love” is more immediate and power hungry than the rest of the EP. By separating it, the song only stands out more.

Paradise 100 knows how to get the adrenaline moving. It gives me butterflies to know that electronic architecture like this exists. It’s proper. It’s what we should be hearing in dance clubs (for me daft yet expansive wins the race over volume). Most of all, it sets things up for an incredible experience.

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