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The Locals – Stereostatic Funicular

The Locals
Stereostatic Funicular

Listening to The Locals is like a breath of fresh air, even if that air was harvested from an early ‘90s alternative buzz. This EP is a quick listen and will sift through your pleasure sensories as fast as you caught word of this band. But that’s not a bad thing because listening to Stereostatic Funicular just leads me to want to check out their other releases offered on the band’s Bandcamp page.

The music is easy. The songs never gets sappy. A mixture of taunting defiance and emotional contemplation, there is no room for cockiness. Yvonne Doll espouses enough restraint to allow room for listener interpretation. What you get out of it all is a feeling of pure unadulterated rock pleasure.

I really like what The Locals are doing. It seems like their music would be fun to transcend live. A band like this has potential with an already solid foundation. The Locals ignore popular vote and create solid alternative rock the Midwest has to offer.

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