Punk Rock Flashback Friday: Carnival Art

Carnival Art was a vessel for more important alternative acts of the 1990s Formed in Los Angeles in 1989, Carnival Art carved a small niche into the early 1990s alternative rock story with their uncompromised music that blurred the lines of making fun of Sunset Strip rock to brazen punk, … Read More ›


Cup Finds New Sound In New Album

Cup Nothing Could Be Wrong Aagoo Records Links: Official Website | Aagoo Records Cup is a band who can easily churn out album after album of solid and gritty rock. The brainchild of Tym Wojcik, you can easily lose yourself in the volume and velocity of the music. For Nothing … Read More ›

Peel Dream Magazine’s freakout is an artistic statement

Peel Dream Magazine Agitprop Alterna Independent Release Links: Bandcamp Somewhere between the 1990s art smock alternative noise and the motorik form lies Peel Dream Magazine’s follow up to Modern Meta Physic. Agitprop Alterna is Joe Stevens’s freak out that utilizes as much sophistication as Stereolab with krautrock sentiments. The album … Read More ›

Jukebox Memoir album cover from The Jet Age

The Jet Age – Jukebox Memoir

The Jet Age Jukebox Memoir Sonic Boomerang Records ★★★★ Jukebox Memoir is a silent victory. The album may not set of the rock and roll Richter scale, but it does showcase some serious jams. As the title suggests, the album is a homage to the music of the past and … Read More ›

2013 Rockstar’s Uproar Festival

We recap the 2013 Rockstar Uproar Festival and its stop in Noblesville Venue: Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana The good, the bad and the ugly. There is always a little of each at a festival show. The 2013 Rockstar Uproar Festival was no different. I usually attend metal festivals, most … Read More ›

the locals on selective memory

The Locals – Stereostatic Funicular

The Locals Stereostatic Funicular Independent STARS Listening to The Locals is like a breath of fresh air, even if that air was harvested from an early ‘90s alternative buzz. This EP is a quick listen and will sift through your pleasure sensories as fast as you caught word of this … Read More ›

Reaching Out: A Conversation with Hurt

Hurt Returns to McGuffy’s and Selective Memory Checks in with the Band Venue: McGuffy’s (Now Oddbody’s), Dayton, Ohio April 4, 2013 Hurt returned to McGuffy’s just a few months after their last visit to Dayton. Talking with Victor Ribas (drums) in the parking lot as they arrived at the Venue, … Read More ›

An Interview with J. Loren and Victor Ribas of Hurt

Selective Memory interviews Hurt and recaps their gig in Dayton, Ohio. Venue: McGuffys (now Oddbodys) Playing a fantastic balance between older and newer material, Hurt gave the Dayton crowd at McGuffy’s a show to remember. The set from beginning to end was all about making sure everyone in attendance had … Read More ›