Peel Dream Magazine’s freakout is an artistic statement

Peel Dream Magazine on Selective Memory

Peel Dream Magazine
Agitprop Alterna
Independent Release

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Somewhere between the 1990s art smock alternative noise and the motorik form lies Peel Dream Magazine’s follow up to Modern Meta Physic. Agitprop Alterna is Joe Stevens’s freak out that utilizes as much sophistication as Stereolab with krautrock sentiments.

The album acts as a weird dream state. Instead of going about it alone, Stevens teamed up with his live band to fulfill his vision be it the hyper fuzzed-out “Escalator Ism” or Yo La Tengo-esque of “The Burtolt Brecht Society.”

Not one song sounds the same and with that, it makes me intrigued to learn more about Stevens as an artist. Where did he come from? Where is he going with this? Is he some kind of mad scientist? The album may exist on different planes, but the songs are successful based on their tension of differences. If “Pill’ existed 30 years ago, it would probably be on something like the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack. Stevens explains the song as an ““inundation of performances of normalcy and fulfillment that fuel our desire to consume – self-medication for the pain of doubt, want and need.”

“It’s My Body” is Jobim-like fascination through a different hemisphere that may diffuse the message with its sleakness. Yet, what it comes down to is that, according to Stevens, you don’t owe anyone anything. While “Do It” is an electronic charge through the stratosphere and a re-imagined Space Age Bachelor Pad score, “Eyeballs” is a Velvet Underground charge.

Even though this album is all over the place, I love its diversity. Stevens provides enough mystery and fascination into his sound to blow your mind.

Emotional Devotion Creator
It’s My Body
Escalator Ism
Brief Inner Mission
NYC Illuminati
Wood Paneling Pt. 2
Too Dumb
The Burtolt Brecht Society
Permanent Moral Crisis
Do It
Up and Up

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