Boundless Album Cover by Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling – Boundless

Long Distance Calling
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This is perfection. What Long Distance Calling has done with Boundless is a perfectly self-identified instrumental album that stretches the boundaries of rock. Timeless and limitless, these collection of songs are a guitarist dream come true.

When Petter Carlsen (replacing original vocalist Fischer) left the band, there was no intention of replacing him. What this proves in Boundless is that the band’s strength lies with constructing incredible instrumentals. On this album, there is never a need or want for vocals to come into play. Vocals would only be a distraction.

This album is pure bliss. Instrumental albums are not easy. They become distracting, overbearing, often times too long. The intimidation of Boundless are the song lengths. It is easy to be apprehensive. But it does not take long to notice something magical taking place.

Long Distance Calling – Boundless Teaser

You can pinpoint elements, but there is nothing specific to its success. It’s like going out into the middle of the wilderness and listen to nature. You hear a bird here, a movement there, but everything creates an experience together. I love to hike, but love the experience of the hike more than the act of hiking. You experience nature as a whole, its organic structure and the grace that it provides. I could talk about how “In The Clouds” is powerful conflict of metal turbulence that offsets the dreamlike qualities of “Ascending.” Or, “Like a River” expounds on a trumpet and some durango-style guitar riffs that feel like defiance.

You can easily start at any song and be content, or you can sit back and listen to the entire album. Either way, I would describe Boundless as a journey, not a trip. With a trip, we have an agenda. A journey, we don’t know where the fuck it will take us and what we will get out of it.

But every note and every drop of sweat that comes from it is divinity in its own perfection. Sure “Weightless” would have been the perfect end, and we would not need “Skydivers,” but nonetheless, everything has been constructed with such detailed care that you cannot differentiate between the paintbrush and the canvas.

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